Thursday, November 14, 2013

Looking forward...

The good news just keeps rolling in.  Our next big news is we are going to be Grandparents in May!  Amanda and Ryan are expecting, and everyone is so excited.  It will be the first grandbaby on both sides of the family, which is so special to share the joy with the Klassen's.  The baby will have a big world of admirers to choose from.  Of course baby will be adorable, just look at how adorable the parents are.  We wonder if the baby will have dark hair, big eyebrows, hazel/ green or blue eyes.  What a fun time of life.  I really have to stop myself from going on a crazed buying spree and grabbing everything that is way too cute for words.  I have only bought one sweet sleeper, and starting to collect fabric for crib sheets and have a quilt on the go...that isn't too bad.
I must say I am nervous about being a grandma.  I am not exactly running to hold other peoples babies.  Not that I don't like babies, just from afar.  And usually when I am around babies it is at a baby shower with a gazillion people looking on, yikes!   But I have always been that way, even as a young mom.  Of course I love my own kids, thot they were and still are beautiful, and didn't worry about being spit up on and such.  I even liked a few other kids that I had at my house and felt fine with caring for them. Those kids are still among my favorites, and hold special memories of those times.
Gerry is a natural with kids, they automatically like him, perhaps it is not having a fear of looking silly that kids appreciate.  I think everyone has a different way of relating to kids and it all works out fine in the end.  So here we go, entering another new and exciting stage of life.

Friday, October 25, 2013

June 14th, here we come!

Such excitement at our house!   Hannah and Nathan are engaged!  It was so fun to be part of the planning of the location that Nathan proposed in.  We had known for a bit the date he was planning on.  Nathan was here for Thanksgiving and then coming back on the next Friday to surprise Hannah.
Laura and I hiked the day before and looked for the perfect spot on the Grey Canal, it is so beautiful up there, a long view of the valley, Swan lake and the wonder of Fall.  The girls had their plan, sister pictures.  So off they went, and pulled off the best surprise and captured it on camera.
Now we are into wedding plans.  Hannah is quite organized and has lots of ideas so it should be fun!  June 14th, here we come!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

random midnight thots

It is 2:40 am, I am awake.  It was one very small random thot, not a happy one, but a complaining one that got out of hand, And now I am awake.  I am sure that in the light of day it will seem unimportant.  Or if I talk to Gerry about it, he will be able to talk me out of the complaining bin.  But here I sit, at the computer playing games of solitaire.  I am even having a midnight snack which is very rare for me,  insert commercial for some very good granola...Nature's Path~pumpkin flax, that sits on top of my yogurt and I am sipping camomille tea, hoping that the tea will soothe me back to sleep.  I fight with myself about things that bother me, things I really have no control over and things that in the big picture do not disrupt the whole world, just me and my sleep.
 I wish that Facebook had a different color on the chat thing that indicates that someone else was awake and wanting to chat until they too are tired and will crawl back in bed.  Or perhaps I could chat with someone as dense as I am about technology and when it says on Facebook that you are on the chat thing, you are and not that your phone is always on Facebook and really you are sleeping with your phone under your pillow.  Therefore no chatting with me after 11:00, I don't want to keep you from sleeping.  I don't even have a good book to read, which really sucks.  You can see how things work, from one random bothersome thot to a whole whack of other random thots that just take over.  There you go, a peek into the world of no sleep and not being very happy about it.  Back to the solitaire!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

More then a $2.00 clean

As I walked into my kitchen with the light streaming in, I was horrified.  Every surface was grossly streaky.  The fridge, stove, glass cutting board (which I hate but have) the counter tops and the table.  Yes, I had given them a swipe, and you could tell. I clean for a living (or quilt money to be more honest)  Do I EVER clean that way for my clients...are you kidding me...NO!  I wipe, re-wipe, bend down to make sure I wiped, and then re-wipe and then go out of the room, one more look and yes will re-wipe again if necessary.  So why the $2.00 clean for the place I spend the most time in and appreciate when it is cleaned well.  I will have to put myself a little higher up on the importance scale because I love a clean house, whether if is for my clients or me.
While I was on the cleaning quest of the kitchen I did a bit more fall decorating.  How wonderful to have some great spots to put out all those pumpkins that I made and love.  Until next time!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's Autumn!

It all started with wanting a new throw for the couch.  So the search was on, and I found a nice teal knitted looking throw.  Then I thot, well maybe I should get some new pillows to match the throw. So off to Fabricland to find the perfect fabric.  Then the whole decorating for fall began.  I almost dread it, putting it off until I just can no longer resist.  I had started picking up a few things here and there to add some new touches to existing collection of Autumn decor.  Like the cute white owl and the large green felt leaf.  I took my fluffy lampshade down and added a plain one and just wrapped some wool around the shade to make it look a bit less boring.  I love being able to put things together that didn't cost much if anything, switching things from one room to another.  The shelves that Gerry built are so perfect, how I love them!  They are the focal point of the room, and it is so fun to switch them each season.
So Autumn is here, enjoy!  Until next time~

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blog or no blog, that is the question.

I have been recently thinking of blogging again.  Hannah is a very active blogger these days and even though we are in the same house I enjoy reading her blog and seeing what she posts for pictures.  I often think that perhaps blogs should be somewhat profound, or very crafty, but mine is ordinary.  That is how I live, fairly ordinary.  I do have deep thoughts about life and where I am in life.  I do love to create things for others and my home and for farmers market.  So I just might begin to blog again.  Keeping it ordinary can't be that stressful, throwing in a project or two and perhaps even a profound word or so.  So here I go, onto blog world once again.  Sunny Thots!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Nothing like a new pillow that says spring!
I love my picture shelf!  So many ways to display some
of my favorite things.
Spring...I had hoped that adding spring to my house
might translate to adding spring to the outside!
Spring is coming,  we are not buried in snow.
There are flowers braving the cold.
And robins singing their songs.
Until next time~Terri

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quilt Retreat

Disappearing 4 patch

Maple leaf pattern

Coming home from quilt retreat always makes me a bit sad.  I am usually not quite ready to leave.  Once home I long for the company of my friends, long days of sitting at the machine, good food, lots of laughing and joking.  This time I even slept well, tried not to stay as late or be the first one at the machine in the morning.  It was a bit more relaxing.  I came home with projects all started and only one complete.  For the first time I did a lot of picking out.  I only had limited fabric, and didn't like what I chose...twice.  Thankfully I only had 6 blocks to pick out. Now I am on the right track.  And who is this quilt for...the downstairs spare bed, bother!  The pictures featured are some of the things that I worked on and need to complete and not even remotely in my color range!  I do like the fall leaves.  Quilt retreat is a good way to feel better about winter being nearly over, (I hope).  But also to be totally inspired, not only with projects, but with the wonderful blessing of a room full of truly beautiful people, inside and out.  Until next time~ Terri

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I hadn't intended when I woke up this morning to post a blog, but here I am.  I think that my momma taught me that if I didn't have anything nice to say to not say anything.  Plus with a blog named "Sunny Thots" and when there aren't any, what is one to do?  My life hasn't been bad, just complicated and pair that now with January and February, not a good combination.  In January my dear husband would say, "what do you want to do"  and I would say I don't want to do anything.  I was tired and missing Hannah and having the family around.  Then comes February, my original thought was I will be better this month, I will make myself do things.  February 2nd is always sad, my mom's birthday and knowing that she is gone way sooner then I wanted. Now a double sadness as I took our dog Sadie into the vets, not knowing that later that same day we would have to say good-bye. Perhaps on the outside I don't look like one of those "crazy dog people", but I am on the inside.  Secret....I miss that dog every single day!  It plunged me into a new version of empty nest that I do not like.
I have taught my girls that when you say something mean about someone they have to say 2 things nice about them.  Kind of funny sometimes what they would come up with, but always lightened the mood.  Sort of a twist on counting your blessings.  So with the above crabby sort of blog I feel like I need to list a few good things to lighten the mood and let you know that really I am fine.
1~Hannah and her friend Cass here for reading break, oh how I love a household of giggly girls!
2~I am getting ready for quilting retreat, 5 well really 4 days of quilting, fun and great company. Tomorrow!
3~I do still love snowshoeing as long as it is not straight uphill right off the bat.(Went with the church group and thought I was going to die and hang up my snowshoes forevermore)
4~I am very blessed with my family and friends.
5~My dad is at home and doing well after surgery.
6~God is good all the time.

Believe what you can't see, which is that God holds you safely in his care not matter where you are and that he is unfolding his plan for your life.  You can't travel outside of his presence.

I'm back.  Until next time~ Terri