Monday, September 28, 2009

The wedding, September 21, 2009

The entire bridal party.
Hannah, another one of our beauties. Gerry and I feel very blessed to have such lovely daughters and now adding son-in-laws to the mix.

Here is a cute couple, Amanda and Ryan, remembering it was their day a year ago in June.

Our sea of blue, 7 bridesmaids + 7 groomsmen= alot of wedding party! Okay everyone walk slowly!!

Here is the beautiful bride. What a wonderful day we had. It was perfect in every way. (Grandma and Grandpa Phillips in the background.)

The wedding was a wonderful day for our family. Our second married daughter and all living in town. Some have asked if I was sad to have our girls married off, but they both live close so we are able to see them often. We try to have Sunday lunch together and hope to keep that up for as long as we can. We have been blessed with great son-in-laws and are happy anytime the kids drop in.
My family was not able to attend the wedding, it is always sad for me. My mom would have loved this time in our lives. The Phillips side of the family were here to love and support us. It is a hard trip for Gerry's parents and they have already said they would likely not come for Hannah's wedding. Of course she is in her last year of high school and we may get a break from weddings for a few years. After two weddings she isn't really ready to even think about all the work that comes with planning a wedding and is thinking of just eloping when her turn comes! I hope she changes her mind!
Laura and Dave had a wonderful honeymoon on Vancouver Island, went touring around, whale watching, camping and came back with some great pictures. They just opened gifts on Sunday and they got so many lovely things. People are so generous and it gives Laura and Dave such a nice start.
Now this week I have cleaned my own house, I have no idea how long it has been since that has been done. Next, I will be moving Laura and her stuff to her new place. Yep...I am already making plans for her room. I helped Amanda re-arrange her place on Saturday and came home with a van load of her stuff, so some will go back into the closet of her old room and some to the dump. Her place looks great. I think it is only the beginning of my cleaning, I dread to even think! But it must be done, more sorting and tossing and re-arranging is on my list of things to do.
Thank you to those who made the very long trip for a short weekend to attend Laura and Dave's wedding, it meant the world to us. I hope you enjoy the few pictures I have posted, there are more on facebook. Until next time, my love to you all~Terri~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cleaning frenzy and other random thots~

Where the microwave used to be, now given to Dave and Laura since they didn't have one. Now I have a nice display of my mom's chicken, my canisters and a bit more counter space to work at. I did have to buy a small clock so I wouldn't drive myself crazy looking for the time.

Our new microwave, now above the stove, looks like that is where it should have been all along! Thanks Debbie and Gail! Maybe we will buy a new stove?????

I have grown tired of my chipped up soap dish and decided to use a teacup and a cracked glass that was my moms for the toothbrush holder. Not only did I save $20.00 for a new set, but it makes me smile when ever I see it.
So some new pictures for you of random things, perhaps a peek at my mind these days! I have been in a cleaning frenzy, and decided it was high time to get behind that stove and fridge. I won't even say what a job that was. Then I decided to wipe down the cupboards and have discovered something that has been missing my whole life long....MURPHY OIL SOAP. How come no one ever told me how wonderful that stuff is. Is it a Canadian secret? I had heard of it before but never used it. By the end of the week everything that is wood will have been cleaned and I will be out of my first bottle of Murphy oil soap. I am hoping to call a halt to any further cleaning frenzy since I do have a wedding coming up in what....10 days!!
I am happy to begin to have some routine to my life and that the real Mother's day is tomorrow with the start of a full day of school beginning. Hannah is not quite as happy as I am, and when I dropped her off this morning I drove away and gave a good solid YIPPEE!! I just need routine and can only stand so much of the lazy life around here!
Wedding plans are coming along, and it is detail time. I should keep a pen and paper near the bed since the details creep in at the wee hours of the morning. Isn't that when the best ideas come? Seems so, and then I get to think about them for hours. But as the day comes nearer the excitement grows. We are looking forward to seeing those who are able to come to the wedding and will miss those who can't. If you think of me, send a prayer up, weddings are a bit nerve racking sometimes! Until next time, my love to you all~Ter~