Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fabric fatigue

After many years of fabric collecting and building a stash, I have come to have Fabric Fatigue. The first thot that grips me is what was I thinking getting that piece of fabric? My second thot is great, that goes with absolutely nothing that I already have or that anyone else has.

So I need an idea of how to get rid of my fabric in a nice way, something useful either for me or someone else. Hmmm, an idea brewing, out come my dishes....

BULLS EYE!!! As in bullseye quilt. A great way to use up all my stash. I will start with the rejected dark colors, make as many blocks as I feel like doing. I will decide if I will cut them into quarters and sew them back together to look more scrappy or not. SCRAPPY is not my thing, but think I can do this. I am pretty excited with the idea of using some of my fabric that I have lost love for and being able to make something of use to someone. A great summer project! Until next time, take care~ Terri