Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The snow has arrived! Even though I really don't like winter, and mostly snow on the roads, deep inside of me I do have a fondness for how lovely it makes everything look. I love how it settles on the branches of the trees, or makes a scalloped edge on this chair. It is the wonder of God at work. I am not sure if it is the onset of winter, or the coming of Christmas that the urge to craft comes in to play. Really it can hit at anytime. While sorting through a million boxes and getting the upstairs set up, it hit me. One of the lampshades had a big crack in it. So after thinking for a short time, off the the store I went. Once at home, the glue gun out and ta-da, a new lampshade and back to sorting. There is just something about being able to make things either for yourself, your home and best yet for others. These little candy bags are for the dessert night at church this next Monday.

Amanda and I did these cute ornaments from old hymn books that she got for free. It was kind of odd tearing the hymn book apart, but now we will have some of our old favorites on our tree. On of mine is "What a friend we have in Jesus", my grandma's favorite song. I can not ever sing this song without thinking of her. I think we will have to add a bit of "Martha Stewart's" glitter to really make these ornaments shine.

Today I am looking forward to a home day. A bit of cleaning and sorting and of course what I am really looking forward to doing is sewing. I tell my girls that they need to have some sort of creative outlet. Something they can do well, whether sewing, a craft, or baking. In times when money is short, if they have something they can make and give as gifts, not only does it make them feel better but it is a wonderful way to give a piece of your heart to others. Until next time~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hannah's week at home

Hannah was home for reading break last week. We were all happy to finally see her. The week was pretty busy, shopping in Kelowna, all three Lord of the Rings movies, out for dinner and just hanging out. Lots of talking about school....and boys. I have missed that.

I have missed the lived in look of Hannah's room and her sweet "Good Morning".

Watching all three Lord of the Rings. Now we are back to counting down the days until Christmas break!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Living room Pictures

Little by little I am getting things re-sorted and put in its place. Here are some snap shots of the living room.

A close up of the lamp shade I re-made, can you guess from what???

I am not sure why I thought I needed a sofa and a love seat before, now I am liking the spacious look of not so much furniture.

Next the computer room, but that will have to be next week since I am off to quilting retreat on Friday. Best of all Hannah comes home for a week, how we have missed her! Until next time.....