Saturday, November 20, 2010


Snow....alot of people can hardly wait until the snow flies. As for me it is more like prison in someways. It rules my day and my plans. It brings fear and dread into my life. I do force myself to go out and try really hard not to let it ruin my plans, but it is hard. Not exactly "sunny-thots".
I am thankful that we live in town, if worse comes to worse I can walk. I am thankful that we live in the flat part of town, no scary hills to climb or skid down. I am thankful to live in BC rather then Alberta and beyond, where winter is way too long of a season.
I just know in heaven there won't be any snow, at least not on the roads, I am sure that snow doesn't stick to gold. Until next time~Terri

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A little fall picture of what I see everyday when I look out my back patio door. Of course everyday there are fewer leaves and less sun it seems. How I dread the coming of winter, it snows and I cry!
My empty nest trial run is over....Hannah is coming home! We are excited for us, but sad for those she has left behind. In Taber she has learned a great deal and I am sure the new found confidence will look good on her. As for me, I am quite proud of myself, I didn't crumble, I passed the test and God took such good care of me. until next time, Terri