Thursday, April 29, 2010

The front yard quick makeover

Hello...we have had a distraction from the backyard to the front yard. It has been in my mind for awhile now. With Gerry in between jobs for a few days the opportunity arose, and ta da, a new look for the front. We had thot of getting rock, but opted for bark mulch...less of a commitment and already had the brick.
I have had to admit that I am a failure at gardening, yes I AM A BLACK THUMB. So I am saying goodbye to the side weed garden that once actually produced lovely sweet peas. It will be given over to the grass that always wins. I will plant a few flowers in pots in the front, things that grow for black thumbed people like me, geraniums and petunias. I might even buy the pretty but more expensive Martha Washington geraniums, just for fun. Until next time, enjoy spring!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The arrival of spring

The arrival of spring has happened pretty fast. One weekend in the back yard our trees had nothing except for the very beginning of a bud. By the next weekend, the same tree was in full glorious bloom with bees buzzing everywhere. So...the capri's are on, flip flops out, and the screen doors open....spring!
Pictures of the backyard from a different view, nicely clean and a blank space ready for alot of work and fun. This is where I bow out of the planning. I have no idea of the hows and whys of building. The crew I will be on is the "can I get you a glass of cold homemade iced tea, hot coffee, or freshly baked goodies?". I can hardly wait to start! Until next time~Terri

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just a few pictures...

~Hello, it has been awhile, no I have not fallen off the face of the earth! I am just moving through the season, enjoying the days as they come along. We have had a lack of snow this winter which I was thrilled about, the best winter yet! I am waiting for the warm days of spring, but so far I continue to wait.
Laura and Dave's quilt is finally done, seems I work in spurts. Laura picked out the colors and approved the pattern of "shooting stars". I am very pleased with how the quilt turned out and so are Laura and Dave. My friend Darlene Dixon did a lovely job of the quilting.
Our spring project is finding the backyard. Gerry took the climbing equipment out last year, sure had some good memories of those days when the girls were little, sniff, sniff. Last weekend with the help of our friend Darren and his bobcat, out goes the sand. The yard is level and ready for a new look. The bad part for this week is that the front yard looks as bad as the back yard did. Kind of just makes you want to throw your garbage out the front door, we kinda look like rednecks, yikes! We are getting some looks from neighbor's, Gerry said I should put a sign out that says, "sorry, not for sale". Funny. I will be glad for a dump run this weekend!
So whenever I do a blog, with pictures I never know how it will look, I am sorry if it is ugly, and will perhaps ask Amanda for a lesson in blog layout..again! But it does catch you up, ugly or not. Until next time, Terri