Friday, April 25, 2014

Whirlwind trip to Medicine Hat

I am not sure why time in my head doesn't quite coordinate with time on the calendar.  I am often quite horrified these days at the reality of that.  Keenly aware that Amanda had two weeks before her due date, we do a whirlwind trip to Medicine Hat with the promise of even a twinge of labor, we will come back.
Leaving our lovely Okanagan  with whispers of spring popping up everywhere... to... here we are in winter again.  Good Canadians likely never take off  the winter tires until what...June?  Once through the mountians we were fine. And with expert drivers, I had no worries.  We were taking a load of Hannah's stuff, and Hannah of course to Medicine Hat.  She will drive a car back that she and Nathan purchased.
It was such a wonderful trip. It was fun to be able to see the place that Hannah and Nathan are going to be living, and all the work that was done and the shower gifts received. To see it in person rather then pictures does a mom's heart good.  We had nice but short visits with the Penner's, and then the Unger's, including Beth and Luke.  Top it off with a trip to Ikea and traveling with my best friend and you can't much beat that for a whirlwind trip.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Attempt at Trendy

Well for about 10 years,  give or take we have had our showers downstairs.  The main bath shower has leaked and not worked.  The tub and tiles were gold, in perfect keeping with a sunflower theme.  Finally after our insurance thing I had the bathroom painted white and got a nice shower curtain to cover the gold tub and tiles.  With a wedding coming up it means, we really should do some reno's.  First the tub and shower fixed, yes we got a lovely white tub, how novel!  Tile was next, how about white tiles?  I thought at first of plain white until I saw the basket weave ones at our local shop, Arden Tile.  Then do we do it ourselves or hire out?  Um hire out...Silver Creek Painting (Ruben Cervantes) did an excellent job of our bathroom, and our un-grouted kitchen and a few extras, well worth the money and saved us alot of time and headache.  So my attempt at trendy.  The bathroom is white, and everyone say's "What color are you painting the bathroom". is painted, I like white.  I guess because all my other rooms upstairs are either blue or green, (except the spare bedroom and the en-suite,  they too are white)  it looks like I have yet to paint. My favored gray gingham shower curtain has gone by the wayside, it is too short, so off to look for another.  I did find one that is white (surprise) with a bit of gray.  Now to put the bathroom back together.  Well for now anyway, we still need flooring.  Seriously...does it ever end?  Will get some real pictures of the finished bathroom when it is done.