Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Just recently at our church we had a wonderful display of quilts, and of course there are no pictures of it.  Anyway, the quilts are what we call "comfort quilts".  Every few years our quilting group gets together to make these quilts that we give away to those who are in hospital or very ill, or have lost a loved one,  from our church or the community.  There is alot of work before hand, gathering fabric, cutting them into blocks, putting together "kits" to make the day of assembly so much easier.  I have had the fun of putting some of the kits together, but missed out this year on the big day of the 9 to 9 quilt day.  We were in Saskatewan picking up Hannah from Millar.  But seeing our gym walls covered with beautiful quilts that will be so special to someone in their time of need  just totally inspired me.  We have a wonderful group of ladies, full of ideas and fun.  Such a blessing to be part of this special group and to those who work so hard to make things happen.