Friday, February 28, 2014

My very own "snow day"

I had scheduled a cleaning job today, was kind of dreading it.  When I got there I found out they weren't expecting me until next week.  I did say the date, wrote it down and confirmed it, but they were still painting the place and it was a mess!  So I just did windows and will go back when the painting is done.  My very own "SNOW DAY".  Well I was pretty happy to have extra time on my hands.  Plus I would get to see my favorite daytime show, Marilyn Dennis which I never seem to get to watch since I work all mornings.  Wow...what to do?  Sew?  Shop?  Bake? about clean?  Are you kidding me...but when the spring cleaning bug hits you just have to go with it.  Suddenly those snowmen have to go.  And about moving the furniture around while I am at it.  Well moving the furniture around sounds like a lot of work, but really I can only trade places with the sofa's, everything else pretty well has a permanent spot, but then I can vac under everything while I am at it.  NOTE TIP.  So when you move your furniture and  have the furniture legs dent your carpet, Just put an ice cube on the spot and let it melt.  Once melted you can rough up the carpet and the dent is gone, it works!  Then an idea... tired of the lamp and my bowl of off white vase filler stuff.  I am going to Target! A quick look and out the door in hand with a new lamp, lamp shade and green vase filler, all for $23.00, can't beat that!  I nearly skip to my van I am so happy.  So now I can enjoy a clean, organized living room with a new view of things, looking forward to spring. On to the next project!