Thursday, February 28, 2013


I hadn't intended when I woke up this morning to post a blog, but here I am.  I think that my momma taught me that if I didn't have anything nice to say to not say anything.  Plus with a blog named "Sunny Thots" and when there aren't any, what is one to do?  My life hasn't been bad, just complicated and pair that now with January and February, not a good combination.  In January my dear husband would say, "what do you want to do"  and I would say I don't want to do anything.  I was tired and missing Hannah and having the family around.  Then comes February, my original thought was I will be better this month, I will make myself do things.  February 2nd is always sad, my mom's birthday and knowing that she is gone way sooner then I wanted. Now a double sadness as I took our dog Sadie into the vets, not knowing that later that same day we would have to say good-bye. Perhaps on the outside I don't look like one of those "crazy dog people", but I am on the inside.  Secret....I miss that dog every single day!  It plunged me into a new version of empty nest that I do not like.
I have taught my girls that when you say something mean about someone they have to say 2 things nice about them.  Kind of funny sometimes what they would come up with, but always lightened the mood.  Sort of a twist on counting your blessings.  So with the above crabby sort of blog I feel like I need to list a few good things to lighten the mood and let you know that really I am fine.
1~Hannah and her friend Cass here for reading break, oh how I love a household of giggly girls!
2~I am getting ready for quilting retreat, 5 well really 4 days of quilting, fun and great company. Tomorrow!
3~I do still love snowshoeing as long as it is not straight uphill right off the bat.(Went with the church group and thought I was going to die and hang up my snowshoes forevermore)
4~I am very blessed with my family and friends.
5~My dad is at home and doing well after surgery.
6~God is good all the time.

Believe what you can't see, which is that God holds you safely in his care not matter where you are and that he is unfolding his plan for your life.  You can't travel outside of his presence.

I'm back.  Until next time~ Terri