Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where have I been?

Oh my, it has been awhile!  We had a wonderful summer.  Here are some highlights.
1~Hannah was home for the summer, she worked as Gerry's pilot car driver.  I thot it was an excuse to finally get a pick up truck, boy do we love that thing!
2~We got Air Conditioning after 21 years of sweating in the stinkin heat.  Of course we had already gone thru some pretty hot weather and to top it off having company as well.  They left on Sunday, we got AC on Monday....sorry!
3~Great family reunion at Moose Lake.  Add a little van break down just for fun.  We send the kids ahead, 5 hours waiting for John to pick us up from Tim Hortens in Olds.  Gerry goes home with Dave on the Monday, Tuesday back with the pick up, trailering the van, and home on Thursday.  I won't even mention the trip home...lets just say reminds us of old  times, ha ha.
4~We got an old camper, you know alot~ alot of wood paneling.  Gerry had a few slack days so we, mostly him, dug in and started a reno.  Primed, painted, new covers for the seats and cute curtians.  Fun shopping for stuff for the camper.  It looks wonderful.  Who used it first, Dave and Laura!  They said it was great. 
5~The jeep, my favorite of all Gerry's "toys".  We had a "redneck" date with Tam and John.  Explaination...Tams knee has issues so the back seat is difficult to get into, so she sat in front with Ger, and I sat in back with John, ha ha. 
Gerry and I had gone on a great ride on our anniversary, I only got out and walked once.  The view was spectacular.
There you go, some highlights of our summer.  Hopefully I will blog abit more often now!  Until next time~Terri