Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is it spring yet?

How I would love to post a picture with beautiful spring flowers and trees that are bursting with buds....but I can't. It is spring, just the early stages, it is still dull and grey and a bit cool yet. How do I know it is spring? Today was the first day I didn't wear a jacket or sweater to do a few errands, not breaking out the Capri's or flip flops yet, but it is a start. The other sign... ordering a ice cap or one of the new Real fruit smoothies rather then something hot to drink at Tim Hortons. And the last sign...the screen door open, for just a little bit of that spring air. I think that spring must be a much awaited and loved season. Finally the end of winter...man was it a long one this time, even for us in BC! Until next time~Happy Spring~Terri