Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Look

My blog has a new look...thanks Amanda!

What a nice weekend we had. The girls were over on Saturday night, we watched a movie, had Hannah's now famous caramel popcorn and Amanda's new recipe of butterscotch brownies. Both real "bad" and very hard to resist. Laura had gotten some fancy coloring books, so while watching the movie the girls were busy coloring!

Gerry and I went to church together, sat down and a bit later here come the three girls to sit with us. Not unusual, but it really touched me to have them all close by and I know how blessed we are to have that.

Today the snow found us once again, and as always I hope it is the last "hurrah" and spring around the corner.

I thot I would include a picture of Gerry and I, taken by Hannah.

Really I just wanted to write on my blog with the new look! Until next time~Terri

Monday, February 14, 2011

a few projects

I am so excited to have a few projects in the finishing stages. Some have sat around collecting dust for a bit just waiting for a border and a trip to the quilter. Now they are wonderfully quilted and it adds so much to what I have done. It is like the frosting on the cake. Cake is good but sometimes even better with the right frosting! Here are some small glimpses of my projects, they just need a binding and a label and off they go to the special people I have made them for.

And by the way....Happy Valentines day..... Terri

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Remembering Mom

My mom would have been 70 today. We started out in the world just her and I. She was a teenage mom enduring the scorn and shame of those days. Mom protected me from that. I think that is where her fierce love began and extended to all her children and grandchildren. Our gift from her was knowing we were loved. She said it and showed it. It remains in our hearts for all of our days. Thank-you Mom for such a beautiful gift. I miss you everyday.