Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I will catch up with some pictures after the new year. Until then, my love to you all~Terri

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A winter wonderland

Well it is at last a winter wonderland here....I don't like it! I think my Arizona roots are showing! I really don't mind the snow on everything, it looks pretty and covers up all the dry brown ground. It makes me want to cuddle up in my rocking chair (if I had one) have a cup of tea or hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace (if I had one of those too). I just don't like driving in it. I have a fear of sliding, and going up and down hills at a pace and direction I didn't set. And then to set this winter wonderland day off just right, I don't have a shovel either. Yep, we got rid of the thing, and have even discussed what kind of shovel to get...but didn't get one. I think I was secretly hoping that if I didn't have a won't snow....whoops!


~I have finally decorated my house. Gerry and I got the tree at the local grocery store, it is an upgrade from getting a charlie brown tree. They are flat, somewhat spindly and you get to imagine what it is going to look like once it relaxes. Phew.....we did good this time, it is lovely. I decided that this year I am doing blue and silver decorations, $50.00 is all I was going to spend. Out goes the angel, she is too heavy for a tree that is spindly, a silver snowflake star instead. I got all the blue and silver glass ball ornaments on and realized that I do need my other ornaments. They add the interest to the tree and are like old long lost treasures.

It will be fun to see the girls Christmas trees this year. I found Amanda's box of childhood ornaments, so she has added them to her blue, green and silver theme. Laura and Dave's first Christmas with some hand-me-down ornaments from a sweet grandma and Dave's mom, her colors, red, white, purple, gold and silver and a bit of fun! Plus Laura's childhood ornaments.


It is a busy time, and I know everyone is buzzing with an assortment of events, and trying to make Christmas special. This year at our church we are putting on a community event, Bethlehem Star. It is a Bethlehem village in the parking lot, Gerry is the best looking shepard EVER! Then inside for a skit, then to the gym to the winter wonderland for cookies and hot chocolate, singing and a wander through the booths there. So I have been busy sewing costumes,decorating, making snowflakes out of paper (Hannah too) and cookies. I will serve cookies and hot chocolate. Amanda and Hannah will take pictures and Ryan will video. Already Hannah has had one of her pictures in the paper, we cut it out since at the bottom it says her name as the photographer! If you are wondering about Laura, she works and misses out on the whole thing! We are super excited about this project and hope it is wonderful! Some of our friends have been working on this night and day for months. We go to such a great church and a have wonderful church family, such a blessing.


Well I should begin the day, I have a list and will hope by the time I need to get out on the road the snow is not so scary. I will try to post some pictures of my Christmas decorating later. Until then, try not to stress, (note to self)! Bye for now~Love~Terri