Monday, June 2, 2014

37 days of life events

In 37 days our family has had some amazing life events.  Starting with the birth of our granddaughter Arya Elle Klassen.  How wonderful to experience the whole thing from the beginning to anxiously pacing in the waiting room on May 9th.  It amazes me how comfortable we are around this tiny baby.  I love watching everyone having a turn at holding her.  She is so beautiful.
Next event~ Gerry and I traveling to North Carolina for my sister, Nancy and Dan's wedding.  We don't travel, we drive to where we need to go.  So the airport was the big fear factor, and the details of getting there, car rental and that kind of thing.  But we did it, smoothly, calmly and no glitches!  And boy did we have fun.  Enough fun to say, we have to go again!
Event # 3~Amanda and Ryan moving to a much bigger place.  They got the key and the next day the boxes were flying out of the apartment and into the town house.  Walls washed, kitchen washed and stickers scraped off the doors.  They are not settled yet, that will take some longer, but they are in.  Amanda will work her magic and make that place look like a showroom before too long.
Throw in two showers, one for Arya at only less then two weeks old, a mountain of pretty and pink things to dress her in.  Another shower just yesterday for a beautiful bride to be, bake ware, beautiful handmade runners, towels and washcloths.  All to furnish a new home and a new beginning of a life together with the man of her dreams.
2 weeks countdown to the next life event, Hannah and Nathan's new journey  begins.  In the mean time we have our list and are ready to go.