Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New year.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mid December

Mid December, I always say that December isn't a real month. You hit December 1st, 15th and then it is Christmas! So really you only have two days to get everything done in-between all the fun events that leave us breathless and can't miss out on. I am not sure why the events aren't spread out a bit, because boy do we need some fun in January and February when we are just plain tired of winter.
I have been working on the Christmas farmers market items, the sale was on Saturday and we did okay. Regardless of how "sales" are, it is a wonderful day just being able to sit with Amanda and Hannah and chatting with those who go by our table. We have a notebook to keep track of the sales but also to record comments that we hear as people go by about how nice our things are, even if they don't buy anything. I would insert a picture of some of our items, but the computer is being stubborn, a few weeks ago, it wouldn't accept that I put NEW ink in. This week it won't read our camera cards.
This week is the set up for Bethlehem Star event at our church. It includes a Bethlehem village, a play and a walk thru Central park New York in the gym. I have hopefully finished with costumes and now can help with decorating and then will serve hot chocolate at the event. Add that to finishing up Christmas gifts, making cookies, a bit of work, and a special order, it makes for a fun and varied week. I think the key will be a giant list to keep me on track.
Thanks to Amanda, I have my tree up. Her encouragement of "Come on Mom, we can do it ourselves" won, and off to the store to get a tree. I must say the sawing off the bottom was the most fun and dangerous. Amanda held the tree and I did the sawing, and neither of us got hurt, which was pretty amazing.
Until next time, and hoping that your mid December will be stress there such a thing?