Friday, March 30, 2012

On the edge of spring

I have finally given in to the thot of snow happening randomly when I think it should be spring. Especially since it snowed on the first day of spring, just out of spite, I believe. I thot that perhaps it was a better way to deal with it rather then wanting to close all the blinds and crawl back into bed.
So here we are...on the edge of spring...and I make an amazing discovery. I have a conversation with my friend Pam about trying snowshoeing. The ladies of the church have been getting together for a few weeks and for whatever reason...fear...I don't go. So Pam calls me up, says they are in town and are going and do I want to come with them. Sigh....ya, come get me.
On a side note, and this will seem random, but I have been using all of Hannah's cast off deodorants, thot I had one more to go, but no. Great, I am going out the door to go and clean and need deodorant. The search is on, oh, I will use Gerry's, lovely. I love smelling like a man! Okay, so the phone call, my claim to non outdoor activities, is that I do not have winter clothes. I did about a week before purchase some EXPENSIVE hiking boots. It seemed more practical then winter boots and as my friend Pam says they will last all my life. So when you see me in the nursing home those will be the shoes of choice. So I had no worries about boots. The hunt begins, Gerry's long underwear, check, Gerry's shirt, oh I have one, should I wear one of his coats? Finally the outfit complete hoping it will work.
The amazing discovery....I love snowshoeing!! I went the next night, in the dark with Amanda, Laura and a whole bunch of it. I bought snowshoes...two pairs! Now its spring and I may not go again until next year....but I will be ready! Thanks to Lise for arranging all the snowshoeing events, there are alot of us who now have a new "sport" for winter, rather then closing the blinds.