Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The new year catch up!

I am already starting the new year at a snails pace for catching up! We had a great Christmas. The perfect mix of being at home and being away. It was our turn to have the kids at our place for Christmas day. So just as Christmas eve seemed to be abit lonely with just Gerry, Hannah and I, a knock at the door! Laura and Dave with a gingerbread house saved the day! I know that each year we will have to do a bit of re-inventing what we will do for those times when it is a bit lonelier.

We left on boxing day for Lac La Biche, Alberta, with Amanda and Ryan in tow. There was lots of family to visit with and how we appreciate that they like to see us so much. We had so much fun playing games, visiting and of course eating! We headed home on the 30th with a bit of bad roads, so the trip took a couple hours longer.

For New Years we stayed at home and watched movies. We relaxed the next week until Hannah returned to school.

The beginning of this year has been crazy with quilting! Monday was quilting for myself, yep I was still doing some Christmas stuff, and learning on my new sewing machine. So fun, I love it! Then on to the care quilts we do for those in our church who are in the hospital or just need love shown to them. So I helped with the cutting and arranging and putting into kits. Boy is it ever hard to use up so many different colored scraps that really don't go together. As everyone in my quilting group knows, I am out of my box when it comes to making anything scrappy, I like matching! Yesterday we sewed and then tied quilts for about 12 hours! For most of the day there were at least over 15 sewing machines going. I think we had over 30 quilts done if not more, it was really great. It was wonderful to see so many ladies out and an old fashioned quilting bee in the works.

Gerry and I made a very quick trip to Washington to see some of my family. My sister from North Carolina was in Washington for Christmas. So off we went on Saturday morning, got there in the afternoon and visited a bit with Sara. We had a great supper with Gary and Cheyenne and kids. Back to the motel for the night. In the morning we had breakfast with Nancy and left for home. I think we spent more time in the van then anywhere else that weekend, but it was worth every minute!

Now I am interested in what are your plans for the new year? What things do you want to accomplish, or learn or do?

Until next time, love~Terri