Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I will catch up with some pictures after the new year. Until then, my love to you all~Terri

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A winter wonderland

Well it is at last a winter wonderland here....I don't like it! I think my Arizona roots are showing! I really don't mind the snow on everything, it looks pretty and covers up all the dry brown ground. It makes me want to cuddle up in my rocking chair (if I had one) have a cup of tea or hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace (if I had one of those too). I just don't like driving in it. I have a fear of sliding, and going up and down hills at a pace and direction I didn't set. And then to set this winter wonderland day off just right, I don't have a shovel either. Yep, we got rid of the thing, and have even discussed what kind of shovel to get...but didn't get one. I think I was secretly hoping that if I didn't have a won't snow....whoops!


~I have finally decorated my house. Gerry and I got the tree at the local grocery store, it is an upgrade from getting a charlie brown tree. They are flat, somewhat spindly and you get to imagine what it is going to look like once it relaxes. Phew.....we did good this time, it is lovely. I decided that this year I am doing blue and silver decorations, $50.00 is all I was going to spend. Out goes the angel, she is too heavy for a tree that is spindly, a silver snowflake star instead. I got all the blue and silver glass ball ornaments on and realized that I do need my other ornaments. They add the interest to the tree and are like old long lost treasures.

It will be fun to see the girls Christmas trees this year. I found Amanda's box of childhood ornaments, so she has added them to her blue, green and silver theme. Laura and Dave's first Christmas with some hand-me-down ornaments from a sweet grandma and Dave's mom, her colors, red, white, purple, gold and silver and a bit of fun! Plus Laura's childhood ornaments.


It is a busy time, and I know everyone is buzzing with an assortment of events, and trying to make Christmas special. This year at our church we are putting on a community event, Bethlehem Star. It is a Bethlehem village in the parking lot, Gerry is the best looking shepard EVER! Then inside for a skit, then to the gym to the winter wonderland for cookies and hot chocolate, singing and a wander through the booths there. So I have been busy sewing costumes,decorating, making snowflakes out of paper (Hannah too) and cookies. I will serve cookies and hot chocolate. Amanda and Hannah will take pictures and Ryan will video. Already Hannah has had one of her pictures in the paper, we cut it out since at the bottom it says her name as the photographer! If you are wondering about Laura, she works and misses out on the whole thing! We are super excited about this project and hope it is wonderful! Some of our friends have been working on this night and day for months. We go to such a great church and a have wonderful church family, such a blessing.


Well I should begin the day, I have a list and will hope by the time I need to get out on the road the snow is not so scary. I will try to post some pictures of my Christmas decorating later. Until then, try not to stress, (note to self)! Bye for now~Love~Terri

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More retreat....

a few of my projects from the retreat. Keep in mind that some are gifts so only a peek!

I am determined to use and enjoy my new placemats! I did use them on American Thanksgiving when I made a quick festive meal with store bought roasted chicken from Super store and some of the fixings. We usually don't celebrate American Thanksgiving since Gerry isn't home, but he was this time, what a treat! We also went see Phil Calloway and The Cats and Fiddles concert at church, it was great! Comedy and music in the same evening and a killer dessert to boot, can't beat that!

AAhhh the quilt retreat....

November 28th.....It is hard to believe the quilt retreat was last weekend. What a great time. I left on Friday morning and got back on Sunday afternoon. There were 19 wonderful, funny and inspiring ladies to spend the weekend with. Everyone working on their own projects, how fun it is to see and watch the progression from fabric to finished projects.

I took small projects this time and do have a quilt planned for our queen sized bed in blue and white, but will get to that after Christmas. I finished everything that I took and made a few extra table runners as well, with the help of a piece of Debbie's green material

The condo's we stay in are so nice, I got the princess room, which means a room to myself with a full bathroom. Debbie and I are the first and last, meaning we are one of the first ones up to quilt in the morning and the last to go home. This time we even took some hand sewing to the condo, which was about midnight. I doubt that either of us ever sew at midnight at home!

I really have to mention the food....oh my goodness....the food. Everything was soooo good. We all brought goodies, like we needed that too! Not only did I come home with projects done, inspired to do more, but also in need of a diet! I LOVE RETREAT!!!! The next one is in February....can't wait

I love my quilting friends, they are so special to me. It is such a blessing to have such wonderful people in my life. Until next time, my love to you all~Terri~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

HELP... I have the lazies!

Oh dear, I have the dreaded lazies. I don't know quite what happens, but suddenly I am very happy doing nothing much or nothing at all. The whole day goes by and I come up with a big fat nothing accomplished. It isn't like I don't have things to do, the list might scare you and certainly scares me so much that I won't even pick up a pen and paper. I don't even feel much like going out, which in some ways is good since I feel like I am avoiding the h1n1 bug this way. But enough is enough, I just can't continue on this path of do nothing.

~So this morning my inside voice said, "why don't you go on that beautiful treadmill, only 15 minutes, it won't kill you." So I did. And now I need to make a chart for every day and want to try to go on the treadmill 4 days a week

~Then my inside voice said, "why don't you finish up that small sewing project you have going, remember, you love to sew, especially nice soft flannel baby things." I did finish up my project, and have packaged it and it is ready to go. Now I think I need to make a sewing list since our fall quilting retreat is right around the corner. And guess who is first on the "make a quilt for" list this! I found a pattern and bought some lovely blue fabric. The last, well really the first quilt I made was started when I was pregnant with Amanda (1986). I left it for years, everything was done with templates, hand sewn and hand quilted, yep it took a very long time. It has been on our bed for 12 years and is showing its age and the folly of mixing cotton and poly fabrics together, a big no no these days. I am excited about having something new on our bed.

~Then my inside voice said, "just clean out the fridge already, you can't even fit the new groceries in and it will make you feel so much better." I do feel better, the fridge is clean and the groceries fit!

~Then lastly my inside voice said "why don't you get started on wrapping the gifts for the doorprizes for the upcoming ladies Christmas tea". So off to Dollar Rama, one of my favorite places to spend a dollar or two, picked up some cute Christmas things to put on the packages. I have tape, and will use up some of my last years Christmas wrap, (which means I will get some lovely new stuff) and put the tv on and wrap those gifts.

I hope to begin next week with a better plan, treadmill, eating better, doing more and getting out before the winter snow traps me inside. I hope the lazies aren't contagious, if they are just sit down and listen to your inside voice, it has some great ideas and the lazies will run away.
Until next time, my love to you all~Terri

Monday, November 2, 2009

hello new stove!

It's HERE!! A pretty exciting day at our place when the new stove arrived. It fits in perfectly. The first thing I made was a cake to see how it would do. Lo and behold, no more mountian cakes, it was perfect. I just have to get used to it being slower to warm up, especially the oven. I think the part I like the most is how easy it is to clean up, man I hated to clean those burners! I have made cookies and everything turns out just like it should. Yippee!!
Wow, nice and sparkling new, and no burners to clean and they all work, self cleaning oven and looks and works great, I love it!!

1984 and beyond to 2009 a new stove

The man of the day, taking out the old stove, boy is it ever heavy!

wrestling the stove out of the house.

Good bye old stove, thanks for all the many holiday dinners, zillions of cookies and mountian cakes! (cakes with a lump in the middle)

Friday, October 16, 2009

How to's...

I really love these pumpkins that Amanda and I made. They are fast and simple. If you would like to make some too, here are the blog sites I found them on.

1~ There is sunshine in my soul blog, which you can get to by clicking on it from my blog.

2~ The idea room blog, which you can get thru google, and should be on my blog but didn't load yet or at all, I don't know!

Enjoy what is left of Fall! Love~ Terri

Friday, October 9, 2009


Lovely mums from Laura and Dave's wedding. And the new pillow covers I made for Fall.

Here we are making pumpkins...aren't they adorable!

Fall is here! It is one of my favorite seasons. Summer is too hot for me and I love the relief from the heat once fall arrives. I wish it were a longer season. One of my favorite things about Fall is pumpkins. I saw a cute pumpkin pattern on someones blog and decided that I needed to make some. So I gathered some material that I had gotten from Value Village and Amanda and I began making pumpkins. I love making them, they are so fun and fast. I have made about 15 of them and could continue, but I have run out of material. Amanda asked me if I was trying to have my own pumpkin patch! Maybe....
Another thing that I like to do is make new pillow covers. I just go downstairs, look through my stash and have a new look for the season. I think this is something everyone should know how to do, it is so cheap and a fast way to change the look of a room.

About the only thing that I don't like about fall is having to put up my flip flops and capri's. Today I had to dig out my jeans and thankfully they fit so that I could wear them. Now I need to go shopping for a few new fall items, not such a bad thing I suppose.

I hope that you are enjoying the short season of Fall. Take in all the glorious colors, the cool air and have a nice crisp apple to celebrate. Until next time. Love Terri

Monday, September 28, 2009

The wedding, September 21, 2009

The entire bridal party.
Hannah, another one of our beauties. Gerry and I feel very blessed to have such lovely daughters and now adding son-in-laws to the mix.

Here is a cute couple, Amanda and Ryan, remembering it was their day a year ago in June.

Our sea of blue, 7 bridesmaids + 7 groomsmen= alot of wedding party! Okay everyone walk slowly!!

Here is the beautiful bride. What a wonderful day we had. It was perfect in every way. (Grandma and Grandpa Phillips in the background.)

The wedding was a wonderful day for our family. Our second married daughter and all living in town. Some have asked if I was sad to have our girls married off, but they both live close so we are able to see them often. We try to have Sunday lunch together and hope to keep that up for as long as we can. We have been blessed with great son-in-laws and are happy anytime the kids drop in.
My family was not able to attend the wedding, it is always sad for me. My mom would have loved this time in our lives. The Phillips side of the family were here to love and support us. It is a hard trip for Gerry's parents and they have already said they would likely not come for Hannah's wedding. Of course she is in her last year of high school and we may get a break from weddings for a few years. After two weddings she isn't really ready to even think about all the work that comes with planning a wedding and is thinking of just eloping when her turn comes! I hope she changes her mind!
Laura and Dave had a wonderful honeymoon on Vancouver Island, went touring around, whale watching, camping and came back with some great pictures. They just opened gifts on Sunday and they got so many lovely things. People are so generous and it gives Laura and Dave such a nice start.
Now this week I have cleaned my own house, I have no idea how long it has been since that has been done. Next, I will be moving Laura and her stuff to her new place. Yep...I am already making plans for her room. I helped Amanda re-arrange her place on Saturday and came home with a van load of her stuff, so some will go back into the closet of her old room and some to the dump. Her place looks great. I think it is only the beginning of my cleaning, I dread to even think! But it must be done, more sorting and tossing and re-arranging is on my list of things to do.
Thank you to those who made the very long trip for a short weekend to attend Laura and Dave's wedding, it meant the world to us. I hope you enjoy the few pictures I have posted, there are more on facebook. Until next time, my love to you all~Terri~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cleaning frenzy and other random thots~

Where the microwave used to be, now given to Dave and Laura since they didn't have one. Now I have a nice display of my mom's chicken, my canisters and a bit more counter space to work at. I did have to buy a small clock so I wouldn't drive myself crazy looking for the time.

Our new microwave, now above the stove, looks like that is where it should have been all along! Thanks Debbie and Gail! Maybe we will buy a new stove?????

I have grown tired of my chipped up soap dish and decided to use a teacup and a cracked glass that was my moms for the toothbrush holder. Not only did I save $20.00 for a new set, but it makes me smile when ever I see it.
So some new pictures for you of random things, perhaps a peek at my mind these days! I have been in a cleaning frenzy, and decided it was high time to get behind that stove and fridge. I won't even say what a job that was. Then I decided to wipe down the cupboards and have discovered something that has been missing my whole life long....MURPHY OIL SOAP. How come no one ever told me how wonderful that stuff is. Is it a Canadian secret? I had heard of it before but never used it. By the end of the week everything that is wood will have been cleaned and I will be out of my first bottle of Murphy oil soap. I am hoping to call a halt to any further cleaning frenzy since I do have a wedding coming up in what....10 days!!
I am happy to begin to have some routine to my life and that the real Mother's day is tomorrow with the start of a full day of school beginning. Hannah is not quite as happy as I am, and when I dropped her off this morning I drove away and gave a good solid YIPPEE!! I just need routine and can only stand so much of the lazy life around here!
Wedding plans are coming along, and it is detail time. I should keep a pen and paper near the bed since the details creep in at the wee hours of the morning. Isn't that when the best ideas come? Seems so, and then I get to think about them for hours. But as the day comes nearer the excitement grows. We are looking forward to seeing those who are able to come to the wedding and will miss those who can't. If you think of me, send a prayer up, weddings are a bit nerve racking sometimes! Until next time, my love to you all~Ter~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Painting, does it ever really end?

The Phillips end of the hallway family wall!
One of my projects this week has been to put our family wall back together. I had it down for quite some time with a zillion ideas and then rejected. At the last family reunion I had gotten some new pictures, (thanks Tammy) and was the perfect time to change everything around. So here is the new family wall. Now some of you haven't aged for some time and I still have some older pictures of you, if it doesn't bother you it doesn't bother me! Glad to have you back again for me to look at. Sure miss those I don't get to see very often, but can at least see your picture everyday.

Here is our transformed house with great colors that Gerry picked, good eye! It looks great and am sure that with the shutters and door painted the same dark brown it will look fantastic.

Looks like we are having fun...we were!

Gerry does the highest part which also means he has alot more house to paint then I do.

I get to do the lower part of the painting since I don't go up more then three rungs on the ladder.

This is the before picture, pretty plain looking.

Well my first attempt at writing and putting up some pictures all at the same time. Will see how it works. Seems I have been painting forever. We began with the idea of just getting started on the outside of the house, and at least just do the front. Gerry and I drove around looking at houses and what colors other people used. I figured that if I let Gerry pick the color he might be more into the whole process. I have just finished the garage doors and felt pretty pleased with myself...then I realized I still have shutters to do...and the doors...and the other three sides of the house. But the front is mostly done and here is some pictures of the process. Well they might be the wrong way but you get the drift!
A funny thing that happened when I was painting the garage doors. The next door neighbor says to me, " just in case no one has told you, the garage doors look great, you are doing a very nice job". I said thank you and made the comment that painting this dark brown color has made me crave chocolate all day. A few minutes later the daughter comes over with the box of Lindt chocolates for my chocolate craving. Yep... they were gone within hours, I did have help at least with the eating of the chocolates!
There you go, I have learned something new and have loved sharing these pictures with you. Take care and my love to you all~Ter

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Milestone week

It looks and feels like summer is back, blue skies and getting warm already. I hope I remember the fan system, we have had a nice long break from them. Even I am ready for some sunny weather as long as it doesn't get crazy hot again.

August is our milestone month, Hannah just turned 17 yesterday. She was home from camp for a few hours and we enjoyed having her with us. Amanda's 23rd birthday is on Monday, we will have a family party for both on the weekend when Gerry is here. I think the girls want cheese cake, so I will be on my way to Superstore since I do not bake in the summer. Gee how convenient is that with all of our birthdays in the summer? Well I did bake back in the day, such a sacrifice for those birthday parties I did when the girls were little. Anyway, I am not baking this time.

The scariest milestone? One month to Laura and Dave's wedding. YIKES!!! We have been avoiding that whole countdown thing, but now we can't any longer. Even without proper math skills, I know it is a month today. We are fairly organized, it is all those little things, programs, music and such that need attended to. And of course people wait until the very last minute to RSVP, so far it is a nice small wedding of about 40, great, maybe we will fancy up the food menu if this is the trend! Or we could just call in for Chinese, that sounds good to me.

How do you like my new topper on this page. You are probably thinking, boy that Terri sure learns quick....ah no. I have my blog consultant... Amanda helping me, and helping me and more of the same. Over the phone she is kind and patient, but I think I need some hands on learning. She took some pictures of some of my things and went home and put them on from her computer! Thanks Amanda it looks great. The cute salt and pepper shakers that Laura got me, kind of look like our dog, if she were really a miniature schnauzer, rather then looking like a smelly woolly sheep. The quilt is on my wall right now, it is the one where I went to Kelowna for a block per month, I even quilted this one myself.

So this week, more wedding stuff. I am to call the flower shop to see what the cost is, I am scared. Take a look at what the church has for decorations. And hopefully that last row of squares done for the wedding quilt, then on to the borders. I also hope to paint the garage doors and will see if I can post pictures of that next time. Maybe all by myself? Will see.

In the mean time, enjoy the rest of what summer has to offer. I am still hoping to go on the boat once this summer! Maybe even my first dip in the lake to boot! Until next time, my love to all of you~Ter

Sunday, August 9, 2009

oh boy

Well here I am in blog land and I feel rather lost! I have had some minimal instruction and see that I will have to have a bit more to learn. I want to add some pictures and share some of the things I am sewing and what goes on in some of my everyday life. I am excited. Okay, that is about all the excitement I can stand for one day! until next time.....Terri