Saturday, January 29, 2011

New light fixture

It seems to me that the month of January is a sharp contrast to the month of December. All those days we wished we had in December are waiting for us in January. What a long month! We have had alot of snow, which means I have alot of home days. I have gotten some great things done while being at home. Why do we "spring clean"? Spring is a great time of year, weary of snow and the excitement of budding trees and green. So I "winter clean". I am home anyway, why not do something as dull as the month of January. I only have two more big jobs to do, the kitchen and the large closet downstairs. I am pretty happy about that.

The other exciting thing was to get a new light fixture for the kitchen, well two really. We replaced the garage looking fluorescent light with a cloud light. I accidentally got such a good deal on the other light. Now I had gone to all the stores looking for a light, I have dragged nearly every family member to look at lights, and I had gone at least four times to the same store myself. The light I got was priced wrong, but the sales lady said that I could have it for that price, and if I even went into the other room she would change the price....SOLD! I love it. It is pictured at the top, isn't it lovely and so love love!
On that happy note I will leave you now...might go close the is snowing AGAIN!