Friday, July 8, 2011

Auntie Irenes leftover quilt squares

Done at last! After cleaning out my linen closet this spring I uncovered a bag of Gerry's Auntie Irene's leftover quilt blocks. I did have a batch before and Tammy and I made alot of them into bread cloths and took them to a family reunion years ago. This is the last of it. I think even though the colors are not what I would choose, they are quite remarkable. Made in the time of using what ever you had on hand, not the best quality of fabric, likely using templates and the big no no, using poly/cotton. Auntie Irene must have loved this star pattern, the quilt that she made for Gerry and I is the same pattern, and so are many others.
I wish I had been smarter about relationships when we were first married. I wish I had taken the time to get to know Auntie Irene better, we liked some of the same things. It is my privilege to finish these squares and pass them to the family and hope they bring some happy memories of a wonderful Aunt.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The crazed cleaning

Nothing like a house insurance claim person coming on Monday to get motivated to clean up...I mean a real all the rooms, not just the ones you see on a random visit. I think I even perspired a bit, like I do when I am cleaning for other people...usually not in my own place. Our furnace has been nasty to us. Rather then just quiting, it decided that soot on the walls would be its last hurrah. Thus the house insurance guy on Monday.

While in the throws of cleaning I decided to make a couple of pillows. Completely allowable in your own crazy cleaning day. After all they only take about a half a hour and some of that is just locating what fabric I want to use.

I already had the pillow with the flower on it, so the other two are new. Pillow covers make me happy. It gives that little bit of change needed from season to season. It confirms my love for blue and green...all together regardless of the "blue and green should not be seen together thing". So back to cleaning the messiest and last room. Then I can have all the doors open and ready for viewing. Won't that be grand! Until next time~ Terri