Monday, February 27, 2012

The Living room is done!

At last the living room is finished. Sometimes I have one idea about a spot and then it comes out so differently then how I expected it to. I love making little interesting places to look at in our home. I saw this frame idea on Pintrest, theirs is way better and bigger, but I still like mine since it fits with this cute bird. Another idea that has been on my mind is the picture ledge. I had wanted to put all of Gerry's Grandpa's and Mom's pictures in one spot rather then all over the place. I also wanted NOT to hang them on the wall so that I could change it up once in a while. Not only is the picture ledge a great way to do this, but also very cheap. For two 8 ft ledges we only spent $30.00. Now all the pictures are showcased and I think that it makes them feel even more special.

Here is the cushion to the couch, it will do for now, but am on the lookout for something spectacular!

I did have fun looking at sofa's. When all was said and done, looking at fabric samples I liked the original. Thinking that it would have to be ordered in, then the sales lady realized that the floor model was to be sold...perfect! The best part...Gerry loves it and actually sits on it! He hated our old couch. I am happy with the look of the living room and surprized at how everything came together. Now we can just sit and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Couch shopping seems like a "life choice"

I am not sure why the thought of buying a couch is such a big deal. It seems like a "life choice". I had better choose wisely because I will have to live with it for a very long time. In 33 1/2 years of marriage we have had 3 couches.
1~the used brown couch
2~ wagon wheel patterned couch, later known as the treasure chest as holes developed and things would disappear.
3~the blue couch which did not survive cleaning when there was soot all over it.
Gerry never did like our last couch, rarely sat on it, but then again he doesn't really sit much when he is at home. After all being a truck driver he does spend alot of his day sitting. So this round of couch buying I thought that perhaps I should get his opinion on what we should get. Oh dear...I opened a can of wiggling worms....we have completely opposite taste in furniture. He likes leather, slouchy, reclining things. I like fabric, traditional and tend toward smaller couches.
Then there is color, this time neutral, classic and which color that is...I don't know! I can see that this couch buying is going to take some time and alot of looking around.
I would welcome any feedback from you, perhaps you have had better experience in couch shopping then I have, and have tried more styles then three in 30 some years!