Tuesday, June 14, 2011


June is one busy month! A quick list of what has gone on so far.

~our 33rd anniversary

~My birthday

~We had some wiring done so now we have the hot tub to enjoy.

~Stairs built so we can enjoy the hot tub and not have to sneak around the front yard in our bathing suits and towels.

~Family camp, we actually had a nice NEW cabin, wow!

~The very best news is that Hannah after being on the waiting list for Millar College of the Bible has been accepted for this coming fall! And an added blessing, so has her cousin Bethany! Watch out Millar, here come some pretty fantastic girls!

~I have finished this quilt for Hannah, I can't really take credit. Hannah with the help of Amanda and I putting our 2 cents in, picked the fabric.

Hannah planned it, arranged it, numbered it and yep, I sewed it together and clipped it.

Isn't it lovely!