Saturday, May 14, 2011


I am having a strange weekend. It is Bethany's high school graduation in Taber, Alberta, and the girls have all gone on a road trip. A sisters trip! I admire their courage. I am not sure if I could do such a trip. It is exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. Getting through Calgary is the sore point of the trip, and yet one of the high points since there is great shopping, especially at Ikea, if you can get there without all your nerves shattered! They did, and I was most relieved to hear they arrived safely. Now normally Gerry is home on the weekend....but not this one. And where is he headed? Taber. I feel a bit like a loser. I must admit I did have a moment of tears. But I am making the best of my oneness. I made a rather big list of possibilities. I have quilted, planted flowers, arranged the deck, went to some garage sales with Glenda and Shelley, picked up more paint chips to consider for the inside of the house, and have even just sat and read a few chapters of a book. I have more I want to do, paint the wainscoting white, more sewing and might find that extra spare room we supposedly maybe. I have actually kind of enjoyed a retreat from the norm. Happy Graduation Bethany, my gift to you...three fabulously fun sisters for the weekend and a glimpse of my favorite guy. Until next time~