Friday, January 20, 2012

More pictures

This is the spare room upstairs. I have already picked through some of this pile so you can imagine how it was before, hard to even find a path. The best thing about this sorting experience was finding both sets of the long lost Honda keys and also the CD for Hannah's printer. Both in different boxes and there since September!

Now everything has a label and a place. Next to decorate...that's the fun part! The room is white so I can go with any color I want...any suggestions?

I have two more major rooms to do yet. Then on to painting all the doors, closet doors and inside trim. My goal is to be done by yes 2012! ha ha. So happy to show you the progress of my sorting, I will be a professional when I am finished.

A whole bunch of pictures

Here are some pictures of "ground zero" the storage area for my fabric. This is how it was unpacked for me.

I am not sure if you think this looks better or not, but believe me it is sorted by fabric and color and much better then before. It is a storage area after all, not going for the pretty look.

My sewing area...quite the disaster and a tad overwhelming.

After three very long days, I can sew in a very neat place.

Or find the treadmill. The wicker bench is going upstairs.

And the wall unit...destined to be re-painted.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's BC cold

I think the whole country is in a deep freeze. It's "BC cold" here, which means nothing to those in northern BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. They have the corner market on cold and we rarely win in the temperature race with them, and therefore have no real reason to complain. Every morning I compare temperatures, here is this mornings findings. Vernon -18 that feels like -28c (for my American family I will translate, 0 and feels like -18f) Pambrun where Hannah is -27 and feels like -36. Bonnyville or LacLaBiche -29 (-20f).
We scurry about like mice, taking a run to the car and from the car and dare not leave without full winter gear. The snow is squeaky and the air is dry. Most of us just want to be at home sipping hot drinks and cuddling up by the fireplace (wish I had one) or under a blanket. It is what January is all about. I have a few friends who have taken holidays to warmer places. They should get a gold star for timing it so perfectly. After all if you are going to warmer places you certainly want to know that you have truly escaped winter. I am thankful that it won't last long and we will get back to the winter we know and have no reason to complain about.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Let the sorting begin

If you look at some of my rooms they are stacked with boxes and barely a path, it is some overwhelming. I could have had the Stutters people put things back where it was. Even tho they have a zillion pictures it doesn't go exactly where it should, they try anyway. I decided to have things left in boxes so I could sort, reorganize and change what I wanted. If I blindfolded you, took you into one of these rooms you might think you are on an episode of Hoarders! Yikes!!
It is quite the process to figure out where to start first. Once started you need alot of breaks from the mess just to clear your head and rethink what you are going to tackle next. You have to be in a brutal mood to cut clear of the emotional ties to objects to figure out if they stay or go.
After much thot I decided to start in my favorite room, the rec/sewing room. Really it is two areas, the place I store all my fabric, and then where I sew. I decided that out of all the rooms this is the most important to do first. I love to sew and will need a place to create and get away from the routine of the day.
After three days of cleaning, it is DONE. I really like the way it turned out. I made a few changes, not as much stuff on the ledge, my Farmers market stuff in bins and in the back room, books on the actual bookshelf and Gerry put in new side lights that make the room much brighter. I would love to show pictures, but my computer is being stubborn, what else is new!
My plan is to do something less time consuming next week, like putting all the Christmas stuff back in the closet. I figure that I can't do a big sorting project every week. I think I will be done by the end of February....oh boy do I have alot to do! Until next time..............Terri