Friday, January 20, 2012

More pictures

This is the spare room upstairs. I have already picked through some of this pile so you can imagine how it was before, hard to even find a path. The best thing about this sorting experience was finding both sets of the long lost Honda keys and also the CD for Hannah's printer. Both in different boxes and there since September!

Now everything has a label and a place. Next to decorate...that's the fun part! The room is white so I can go with any color I want...any suggestions?

I have two more major rooms to do yet. Then on to painting all the doors, closet doors and inside trim. My goal is to be done by yes 2012! ha ha. So happy to show you the progress of my sorting, I will be a professional when I am finished.

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  1. Maybe we need to do an IKEA trip Momma! Looks really good!