Saturday, March 22, 2014

More spring cleaning

This time I have cleaned the "office/computer room".  Paper, more paper and why do we have so much paper stuff?  Get the glasses on, clear the floor, find a comfy chair and a good show on tv, because it is going to take hours and days to get through all this PAPER!  But after a few days it is done.  You know what the biggest temptation is?  Having another paper and rather then filing it in the proper place...I will just put it here "for now"  NOOOOO!   On another note of spring cleaning I like to move things around and it was time to put anything related to snow away, it is SPRING, regardless of weather.  I bought a little quirky thing for Hannah and Nathan, kind of a house gift and totally not practical.  The problem~I love it.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  I think it is mine and will have to get a replacement.  Pictured below, isn't it adorable!  Sorry Hannah and Nathan, think I just got myself the perfect dog.  (well really Sadie was my perfect dog, but you know what I mean)