Thursday, April 29, 2010

The front yard quick makeover

Hello...we have had a distraction from the backyard to the front yard. It has been in my mind for awhile now. With Gerry in between jobs for a few days the opportunity arose, and ta da, a new look for the front. We had thot of getting rock, but opted for bark mulch...less of a commitment and already had the brick.
I have had to admit that I am a failure at gardening, yes I AM A BLACK THUMB. So I am saying goodbye to the side weed garden that once actually produced lovely sweet peas. It will be given over to the grass that always wins. I will plant a few flowers in pots in the front, things that grow for black thumbed people like me, geraniums and petunias. I might even buy the pretty but more expensive Martha Washington geraniums, just for fun. Until next time, enjoy spring!


  1. It looks beautiful! Great job!!

  2. Looks really good Momma! Wanna see the inside of someone's house?
    I love you!