Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quilt Retreat

Disappearing 4 patch

Maple leaf pattern

Coming home from quilt retreat always makes me a bit sad.  I am usually not quite ready to leave.  Once home I long for the company of my friends, long days of sitting at the machine, good food, lots of laughing and joking.  This time I even slept well, tried not to stay as late or be the first one at the machine in the morning.  It was a bit more relaxing.  I came home with projects all started and only one complete.  For the first time I did a lot of picking out.  I only had limited fabric, and didn't like what I chose...twice.  Thankfully I only had 6 blocks to pick out. Now I am on the right track.  And who is this quilt for...the downstairs spare bed, bother!  The pictures featured are some of the things that I worked on and need to complete and not even remotely in my color range!  I do like the fall leaves.  Quilt retreat is a good way to feel better about winter being nearly over, (I hope).  But also to be totally inspired, not only with projects, but with the wonderful blessing of a room full of truly beautiful people, inside and out.  Until next time~ Terri

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