Thursday, October 3, 2013

More then a $2.00 clean

As I walked into my kitchen with the light streaming in, I was horrified.  Every surface was grossly streaky.  The fridge, stove, glass cutting board (which I hate but have) the counter tops and the table.  Yes, I had given them a swipe, and you could tell. I clean for a living (or quilt money to be more honest)  Do I EVER clean that way for my clients...are you kidding me...NO!  I wipe, re-wipe, bend down to make sure I wiped, and then re-wipe and then go out of the room, one more look and yes will re-wipe again if necessary.  So why the $2.00 clean for the place I spend the most time in and appreciate when it is cleaned well.  I will have to put myself a little higher up on the importance scale because I love a clean house, whether if is for my clients or me.
While I was on the cleaning quest of the kitchen I did a bit more fall decorating.  How wonderful to have some great spots to put out all those pumpkins that I made and love.  Until next time!

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