Saturday, October 12, 2013

random midnight thots

It is 2:40 am, I am awake.  It was one very small random thot, not a happy one, but a complaining one that got out of hand, And now I am awake.  I am sure that in the light of day it will seem unimportant.  Or if I talk to Gerry about it, he will be able to talk me out of the complaining bin.  But here I sit, at the computer playing games of solitaire.  I am even having a midnight snack which is very rare for me,  insert commercial for some very good granola...Nature's Path~pumpkin flax, that sits on top of my yogurt and I am sipping camomille tea, hoping that the tea will soothe me back to sleep.  I fight with myself about things that bother me, things I really have no control over and things that in the big picture do not disrupt the whole world, just me and my sleep.
 I wish that Facebook had a different color on the chat thing that indicates that someone else was awake and wanting to chat until they too are tired and will crawl back in bed.  Or perhaps I could chat with someone as dense as I am about technology and when it says on Facebook that you are on the chat thing, you are and not that your phone is always on Facebook and really you are sleeping with your phone under your pillow.  Therefore no chatting with me after 11:00, I don't want to keep you from sleeping.  I don't even have a good book to read, which really sucks.  You can see how things work, from one random bothersome thot to a whole whack of other random thots that just take over.  There you go, a peek into the world of no sleep and not being very happy about it.  Back to the solitaire!

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