Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Living in the basement

Thanks to Amanda and Ryan I have a lap top that I can use while mine is packed up. I seem to be learning all kinds of new things, laptop, new cell phone and living in the basement. I kind of feel like that new show called "CONSUMED'. It is about a family and the house is a mess, everything gets taken away for a month, then they see what they really need. My month will be on October 1st. At first the house insurance people said it would be three weeks to complete. I had wondered after my second week if that meant three weeks of them working and not my idea of three weeks in a row. Now I think it will be more like two months and hope they are done by Christmas! I am not complaining, I have everything I need and it is not that much of an inconvenience. I know that once our stuff comes back in I plan to re-sort everything and make things simpler.
The house is coming along great. I have had a few oh dear moments when the colors went on the wall. First the green, love it, and then the blue, oh dear that is alot of color and alot of blue! White in the spare room looks like a room you go into if you are crazy and need calm. It will be fun to redecorate everything again. One of the best parts, we also get new carpet in all the bedrooms and living room, what a dream! Until next time.....

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