Monday, September 19, 2011

Exciting week

I am so excited about this week. The whole upstairs of the house will be painted. Walls and ceilings! I have picked the paint colors that I have fussed about over quite a few months. I am still having second thots, but am going to just plunge in and stick to what I have picked. It is only paint and can be changed if need be. If I can live with a burgundy wall that sucked the life out of the place for a few years, I can live with what I picked out this time too! I will take pictures of everything at some point, perhaps when my camera is unpacked from the container, or I might try my new cell phone camera. I am not that savy on that kind of thing. Anyway, I will say goodbye to my computer for another week, back in the box it goes. Until next time~Terri

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