Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A big week

More changes. It is a big week. We decided that we could spend some money on some of our own upgrades. So it was decided...counter tops. There is such a wide variety of choices, and as per I asked everyone and their brother opinions. I even looked in fancy magazines and finally came up with...I have to decide for myself, I am the one who looks at it more then a zillion hours a day. So.... light=safe or dark=dramatic. I went out of my box and went dramatic, and I love it! At the end of this week our carpets will be put in, another exciting event. After two months of being downstairs I should be back living in the sunshine again very soon. When our stuff comes back into the house I will do another sort, I want to live a bit more simply. It is a new time in our lives as empty nesters. I don't want to spend all my days a slave to cleaning or embarrassed that our place looks pretty tired and worn. We have been given such a wonderful gift.... a brand new place. What a blessing this whole thing has been.

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