Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nasty furnace soot

The nasty furnace, now in a pile at the dump, did one last sneaky hurrah. Instead of just quiting, or breaking down, it put soot on all of our walls. It wasn't noticeable at first, and I thot, do I really see lines on my walls and ceiling? I did, and behind pictures, the corners of our rooms, the windows....everywhere. A friend suggested we do a house insurance claim, so insurance was coming up and I mentioned it. Thus the process begins. First thing, a new furnace, that was a given. And since we are getting a new furnace we will get air conditioning as well. The exciting part will be my 20 year summer ban on making anything unless absolutely necessary in the oven. To think...I could make a cake...just for fun...right in the middle of summer on the hottest day...WOW!

The next part will be the clean up, that will happen after we take Hannah to Bible school. So in the mean time I am trying to gut each room, sorting out what I really don't want anymore and then storing the rest in boxes so they can be easily taken to the container that will be in the driveway. I have to say I am kind of excited about it and kind of nervous since I don't know what to expect. The end result will be a clean house, either painted or ready to be painted, so I can't really loose. I know that the soot does not come off with normal cleaning supplies, so I am thankful that the cleaners that will have to come in will do a way better job then I could ever do. So the pictures....the furnace on the way to the dump and on Hannah's wall the word "Photography" written in soot. The clean -up continues....

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  1. Insurance claims are never fun, but a renewed house is! Hope it goes well, Terri. Was nice to see you at the market last week!