Monday, August 29, 2011


The countdown begins...I have tried to avoid the whole thing, but it is before me screaming so loudly...I can no longer put it off. Three days left at home, a busy week for me with working and lists that stretch on for Hannah. Thursday we go, a trip we have not made for many years. I am excited about seeing the Millar campus again, and the wonderful memories I have there. I pray that it will be a wonderful experience for Hannah and that she will be able to look back to her days there with much love and fondness. I know I will miss Hannah, the fun she brings into my days, feeling "cool" watching shows like "Teen Mom" and singing along with Taylor Swift. She keeps me current. I told her that when she gets back I will be just an old mom, watching game shows like Wheel of Fortune and listening to old 70's music. I don't like leaving the familiar. This path has been a long one, filled with girl drama of one kind or another, I like it and so thankful to have wonderful daughters to share life with. So..... off our sweet little bird goes, holding tight to God's hand, ready to learn more about Him, and make wonderful memories that will stay with her forever. Now the countdown begins....67 days until Hannah is home again.

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