Thursday, October 28, 2010

The honey do

The honey do list. Most people make a list for their husbands, but not me, well.... not officially anyway. This honey do list is for me, thus the cute cup with scrapbook paper. Each paper has a lovely job on it. I call them "messy spots". I have plenty! This is just for the upstairs....downstairs is another whole issue. I do cheat abit...I pick two papers and chose between them. So far I have chosen the easy ones, the pantry, coat closet and bathroom cupboards. The point is that they are getting done, and picking kind of makes it more fun. I have always tried to put a twist on doing chores. Sometimes I put the timer on, sometimes I pick which rooms to do by numbering the rooms and rolling the dice, and the same way I am doing the messy spots. The girls remember doing "chore games" when they were little. I think certain things were bombs and had to be picked up very quickly before they exploded. Just have to add alittle fun! How ever the work is done, it does feel good to have clean spaces again. So I continue....more messy spots to be conquered.


  1. Great'll have to share that with my mom!!

  2. What a great idea Terri! I'm totally going to steal this from you and some of your other chore games too.

  3. Great idea, Terri! I'm going to try this with my kids!