Saturday, November 7, 2009

HELP... I have the lazies!

Oh dear, I have the dreaded lazies. I don't know quite what happens, but suddenly I am very happy doing nothing much or nothing at all. The whole day goes by and I come up with a big fat nothing accomplished. It isn't like I don't have things to do, the list might scare you and certainly scares me so much that I won't even pick up a pen and paper. I don't even feel much like going out, which in some ways is good since I feel like I am avoiding the h1n1 bug this way. But enough is enough, I just can't continue on this path of do nothing.

~So this morning my inside voice said, "why don't you go on that beautiful treadmill, only 15 minutes, it won't kill you." So I did. And now I need to make a chart for every day and want to try to go on the treadmill 4 days a week

~Then my inside voice said, "why don't you finish up that small sewing project you have going, remember, you love to sew, especially nice soft flannel baby things." I did finish up my project, and have packaged it and it is ready to go. Now I think I need to make a sewing list since our fall quilting retreat is right around the corner. And guess who is first on the "make a quilt for" list this! I found a pattern and bought some lovely blue fabric. The last, well really the first quilt I made was started when I was pregnant with Amanda (1986). I left it for years, everything was done with templates, hand sewn and hand quilted, yep it took a very long time. It has been on our bed for 12 years and is showing its age and the folly of mixing cotton and poly fabrics together, a big no no these days. I am excited about having something new on our bed.

~Then my inside voice said, "just clean out the fridge already, you can't even fit the new groceries in and it will make you feel so much better." I do feel better, the fridge is clean and the groceries fit!

~Then lastly my inside voice said "why don't you get started on wrapping the gifts for the doorprizes for the upcoming ladies Christmas tea". So off to Dollar Rama, one of my favorite places to spend a dollar or two, picked up some cute Christmas things to put on the packages. I have tape, and will use up some of my last years Christmas wrap, (which means I will get some lovely new stuff) and put the tv on and wrap those gifts.

I hope to begin next week with a better plan, treadmill, eating better, doing more and getting out before the winter snow traps me inside. I hope the lazies aren't contagious, if they are just sit down and listen to your inside voice, it has some great ideas and the lazies will run away.
Until next time, my love to you all~Terri


  1. wow, you don't sound lazy at all, Terri!!!
    nice reading your post!! - Grace

  2. Great post Terri...very encouraging...will try to get some things done on my list tomorrow. I hate getting those lazies....I don't even feel like cooking on those days. But it is nice to get out of them, cause so much gets accomplished-sarah rempel