Monday, November 2, 2009

hello new stove!

It's HERE!! A pretty exciting day at our place when the new stove arrived. It fits in perfectly. The first thing I made was a cake to see how it would do. Lo and behold, no more mountian cakes, it was perfect. I just have to get used to it being slower to warm up, especially the oven. I think the part I like the most is how easy it is to clean up, man I hated to clean those burners! I have made cookies and everything turns out just like it should. Yippee!!
Wow, nice and sparkling new, and no burners to clean and they all work, self cleaning oven and looks and works great, I love it!!


  1.'re too cute! I have the flat stove top too and love it. I use the norwex cleaning paste to clean it and it works great. A lot easier then cleaning the burners!

  2. Congrats on the new stove! I bet it feels great doesn't it? Makes cooking fun again?!

  3. wow looks great!-Sarah rempel