Saturday, November 28, 2009

AAhhh the quilt retreat....

November 28th.....It is hard to believe the quilt retreat was last weekend. What a great time. I left on Friday morning and got back on Sunday afternoon. There were 19 wonderful, funny and inspiring ladies to spend the weekend with. Everyone working on their own projects, how fun it is to see and watch the progression from fabric to finished projects.

I took small projects this time and do have a quilt planned for our queen sized bed in blue and white, but will get to that after Christmas. I finished everything that I took and made a few extra table runners as well, with the help of a piece of Debbie's green material

The condo's we stay in are so nice, I got the princess room, which means a room to myself with a full bathroom. Debbie and I are the first and last, meaning we are one of the first ones up to quilt in the morning and the last to go home. This time we even took some hand sewing to the condo, which was about midnight. I doubt that either of us ever sew at midnight at home!

I really have to mention the food....oh my goodness....the food. Everything was soooo good. We all brought goodies, like we needed that too! Not only did I come home with projects done, inspired to do more, but also in need of a diet! I LOVE RETREAT!!!! The next one is in February....can't wait

I love my quilting friends, they are so special to me. It is such a blessing to have such wonderful people in my life. Until next time, my love to you all~Terri~

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  1. The whole weekend sounds wonderful Terri! It must have felt good to get a lot accomplished. Where do they have the retreats?