Thursday, December 1, 2011

The downstairs

I thought I should get some pictures of the downstairs before it is all finished. The bathroom with its wonderful new light fixture. This is lucky number three, the first too big, the second a fatal flaw in its design and this one is just right. I am excited about the color going in and of course it is the last room to be painted! All in good time.

The rec room hasn't looked like this since we moved in. Gerry was at home mid week and I nabbed him to take out the wall unit so that the carpet would go under the unit rather then around it. My practical side wanted to use up the paint from upstairs, so green for the storage area and blue for the rec room, it had been blue anyway, now it is just cleaner looking.

Amanda's old room, looks like it is yellow, but it is tan, like coffee with cream, Gerry's choice. Good one, it looks great. Decided to keep the doors teal, gives it that punch of color, or too lazy to paint them in reality. It will no longer be a spare bedroom, we are thinking of getting a ping pong table and maybe a air hockey table...something for the family to have fun with.

And the back spare room the same green as the rest of the house. This has been a big week, painting done and today new carpet. I think we are getting to the end. Some dry wall in the laundry room, and the bathroom to be painted and new ceiling put in. Then another re-sort and re-organizing, but that will have to wait until January!

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