Thursday, September 9, 2010

These days

Our lives have been full of events that have twisted our days into something completely different these days. As many of you know of Gerry's accident on the motorbike. He called me from the ambulance, so I knew he was okay. A fractured finger, now with pins holding it together, and 50 some stitches in his hand mostly and a spot on his arm. We are at stitches out and cast on tomorrow. In 4 weeks the cast and pins out, and hopefully finished with this twist of September. I must say, I don't mind him being at home and doing things for him. I know when I drive him to Kelowna it makes him nervous, I don't usually do the driving, and I make me nervous too! I kind of enjoy making meat and potato meals, rather the "girl" meals all the time. I think he will return to work next week if possible, and I will miss him very much.
Our other event these days is the trip to Taber.Alberta to take Hannah there to live with Wanda (Gerry's sister) and Harry. Sounds bad, people kind of look at us like....ah...not getting along???? Um NO...that is not the case at all. This has been in Hannah's thoughts and prayers for awhile now. With Gerry's accident it kind of put a different spin to that as well....when are we taking Hannah to Taber??? Finally decided, we drove convoy style in three vehicles. Wanda returning from taking Tim to U Vic, Hannah in her car, Gerry in the van and I was the talking floater. I spent time with everyone, I was beginning to get a complex that perhaps I was just not really needed in this whole plan! How thankful I am that Gerry was with us, Hannah's car got a flat tire on Labor day Monday, in Golden. We got some new tires, doubled the value of Hannah's car and were on our way. I was very impressed by Hannah, she drove the entire time, good for you Hannah, I was bursting with pride! We stayed a few days to settle Hannah in and to spend time with Wanda, Harry, Steve and Bethany, it was a great visit. We are so blessed to have them look after Hannah for us. She just wanted a change, she has always been the one to ask..."so when are we moving?" My answer was usually....ummm never? She already has a small job. If you think of her please pray, it is very difficult to move and do something so different. We all miss her terribly.
As for me, I am pretending she is at camp. Will see how long that works out for me! I call it "shallow thinking", only going for the surface stuff right now until I can handle the deep stuff. Likely the deep part will happen once Gerry returns to work, and believe me not any amount of make-up will cover the fact that I am in the deep thinking part of this whole thing. Maybe a small prayer for me too! Until next time....Terri


  1. Thanks for your honesty Terri. We will pray for peace and new strength for you. You're going to have to start a "empty nest" woman's group :) Seems like there are a few of you at Emmanuel strugling with their children moving away, in college or other countries :)

  2. Thinking and praying for you with all the new changes in your life. Not sure how often Gerry comes to Northern Alberta, but you should ride along and come for a visit :)

  3. big prayers from here. God Bless you in this new stage!