Sunday, August 15, 2010

August long weekend

This summer I was really looking forward to meeting Gerry's brother John and Tammy in Jasper over the August long weekend. I had even said," it is too good to be true," and perhaps I was right. Tammy had gotten very ill and we had to cancel. So sad. Now we were left with a long weekend and no plans. But we live in a beautiful part of the world, and many come to visit, so why not take advantage of our local surroundings.
Saturday after Farmers Market we decided to float down the river, from the bridge in Enderby to the Waterway park. It was only an hour, which was perfect in my books!
On Sunday, we skipped church and headed to Nakusp with Amanda in our van and Hannah and her friend Jessica following behind. It was a bit cooler, but enjoyed the break from the heat. Hannah, Jess and I did go into the water, but not for very long. We had a nice picnic lunch and Hannah and Jess left to go to camp, while Gerry, Amanda and I stayed and walked along the lovely pathway strewn with flower gardens and a view of Arrow Lake. It was a perfect relaxing day. Oh the days of summer and memories....thank you Lord for both. PS~ Glad you are feeling better Tam, maybe another time!

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